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Holly Lodge Estate Committee is to host a meeting on Security

7:30 PM on 22 January in St. Anne’s Church

At the mid-year Holly Lodge Estate meeting, held on 15 November, the Chairman, Peter Wesley, spoke of the security concerns on the estate.  It was announced that a meeting would be held early in 2018, open to all residents, to hear how people felt and address questions that may arise.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Gather information from residents to reach an evidence-based common understanding of the security situation on the estate. 
  • Recognise the effectiveness of existing security measures on the estate and how they might be improved.
  • Identify the wishes of the majority of residents on the estate and the broad cost implications of the various courses of action.
  • Achieve a consensus on what next steps should be taken.

An agenda can be found here.  The majority of the meeting will be devoted to an open discussion after a short introduction and brief presentations by several interested groups of residents.

The meeting begins at 19:30 (7:30 PM) at St. Anne’s Church (Highgate West Hill) on Monday evening, 22 January.  It will be moderated by Father Andrew Meldrum.

For precautionary reasons, as we will be discussing a number of sensitive matters related to security, you will be required proof of residency on the estate if requested.  If you wish to reserve a space in advance, this can be done by e-mailing or calling the estate manager 0203 538 4454