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Last year HLEC Commissioned a report on the Security of The Holly Lodge Estate from a Masters Degree student at The Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science. A copy of the report is attached here.

Summary of conclusions

  1. The Report data clearly indicates that overall the Estate is a much safer place to live in than comparable areas in the vicinity. The Estate enjoys very low incidents of crime (i.e. burglary and attempted burglary, theft from a motor vehicle and Criminal Damage) when compared with other comparable areas:
    1. In the immediate vicinity, including other parts of Highgate Ward
    2. National Averages
  2. HLEC acknowledges that there are some residents who have a perception that crime on the Estate is very high despite these facts.
  3. There are residents who have polarised views about security of the Estate particularly whether or not anything needs to be done to improve security and if so what.
  4. The Report advises that best way to improve home security is for residents to “harden” their homes by installing better security measures such as high quality locks, PIR lighting front and back of residents' properties, CCTV that provides visibility close to their homes and property. Active participation in local Neighbourhood Watch and property marking initiatives (eg: SmartWater) are also recommended, and always reporting actual and suspected crime to both the Police and the Estate Manager so that the security situation is accurately monitored both by the Police and the Estate.
  5. Re CCTV; there is a particular concern amongst some residents associated with the installation of CCTV if it captures images beyond the resident's plot and whether such measures infringe upon resident's personal liberties.
  6. The Report advises that incidence of Motor Crimes can be reduced by ensuring that vehicles are always locked when not being used.
  7. In the light of the Report's findings the Estate believes it should:
    1. Continue to keep an accurate record of reported crime on the Estate and monitor it closely to detect early signs of exceptional “blips” in crime trends on the Estate.
    2. Continue to build and develop relationships with the local police.
    3. Ensure that there is clear deterrent signage on the Common Parts of the Estate that communicates that homes on the Estate have taken measures to ensure their property is well protected from crime and in the event of theft the property can be traced and linked to the owner and to the theft and the thief.

Finally, in response to the problems with Anti-Social Behaviour at the top of Hillway the HLEC have extended the MET parking patrols on random evenings until 2am.