Neighbourhood Watch

The HLE Committee encourages all residents to join their local Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) which were re-formed in 2015 following a series of incidents across the estate.   

NHWs actively support their members by engendering a sense of community, they look after you as you look after them.  Additionally you gain access to Smart Water, a crime deterrent tool at reduced rates.  Being a member of your NHW can reduce your home insurance premium.

Members actively help improve the quality of life on the HLE, participation can encourage a sense of solidarity with your neighbours, in it no-one is alone.  Your neighbours will look out for you, your family, your home, and your street and you do the same for them.  

If you would like more information or are interested in joining your local group please email your NHW co-ordinator using one of the email addresses below.




Holly Lodge Gardens: Makepeace Avenue:
Hillway North: Makepeace Mansions:
Hillway Centre North: Langbourne Avenue:
Hillway Centre South: Langbourne Mansions:
Hillway South: Bromwich Avenue:
Oakeshott Avenue: Robin Grove:
Holly Lodge Mansions: Swain's Lane North:
Highgate West Hill: Swain's Lne South: