Rules and Regulations

1. The collection of all contributions charged on the plots for the maintenance and upkeep of the roads paths grass edges open spaces and gardens their appropriation and the management and maintenance of the roads paths grass edges open spaces and gardens generally shall be entrusted to an Estate Committee elected by the owners ofthe plots on the Holly Lodge Estate at a meeting of the plot-owners who shall have paid the annual rent-charge of £2.50 due on the last preceding 25th day of December.
2. The Committee shall consist of not less than five nor more than nine members three to form a quorum and one to act as secretary and one as treasurer.
3. Without prejudice to their general power of appropriation and management the Committee shall be at liberty to enter into contracts for the general maintenance of the gardens, roads, paths, grass edges and open spaces and the sewers and drains thereunder or they may themselves employ pemianent or occasional gardeners or labourers for that purpose as they from time to time think expedient and purchase trees plants tools and other requisites and in any other respect apply the funds at their disposal for such purposes and for the benefit of the Holly Lodge Estate as they may think fit and also to engage and pay for such clerical staff and office accommodationas they may deem necessary
4. There shall be a General Meeting of the plot-owners twice in each year in April and October and at each of these meetings the Committee shall present a half-yearly statement of accounts.
5. The Committee may convene special meetings at other times. Only a plot-owner or a resident member of the plot-owners family nominated by the plot-owner as the representative of the plot-owner shall be entitled to attend and/or vote at meetings.The Committee shall convene a meeting of plot-owners within one month after the Secretary shall have received a notice signed by not less than 20 plot-owners requisitioning such a meeting and specifying the business to be transacted thereat.
6. In the event of a plot being owned by more than one person the owners shall nominate one of themselves and in the event of a plot being owned by a company the company shall from time to time by resolution of its directors nominate a director or officer as its representative to attend and/or vote. A representative of a plot-owne rshall be eligible to be elected on the committee and act if desired as a Trustee.
7. No plot-owner or his representative shall be entitled to attend if the rent charge payable in respect of his or her plot is in arrear and unpaid.
8. At all meetings of the plot-owners every plot-owner or the representative of suchplot-owners present in person shall have one vote for each plot owned by such plot-owner.
9. At a meeting of the plot-owners a quorum shall be 20 individual plot-owners present in person or by their representative.
10. A representative of a plot-owner shall be appointed by a plot-owner in writing under his hand delivered to the Secretary of the Committee not later than seven days preceding the meeting at which such representative is to attend on behalf of the plot-owner appointing him.
11. Not less then ten days notice of every General or Special Meeting shall be sent to each plot-owner at his house on the Estate, but accidental omission to give notice orthe non-receipt of notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at any meeting.
12. The Chairman or Secretary (both of whom shall be appointed by the Committee) or any three members of the Committee may at any time summon a meeting of the Committee.
13. The election of the members of the Committee shall take place at the Apri lGeneral meeting which shall be considered as the Annual Meeting. Each member ofthe Committee (other than a member who is a Trustee) shall retire at the Annual Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. Any member of the Committee who ceases to be a plot-owner or the representative as aforesaid of a plot-owner shallthereupon cease to be a member of the Committee.
14. The Committee may fill any casual vacancy in the Committee and the person so appointed shall retain office until the next General Meeting.
15. Minutes shall be kept of the proceedings at Committee and General Meetings.
16. These regulations are subject to alteration or amendment at any half-yearly meeting of the plot-owners by a resolution of a majority of those present with the Chairman to have a second or casting vote in the case of an equality of votes, but no alteration shall be made except on due notice of the proposed alteration in the circular convening the meeting.