Minutes 2013-04-09






Present:George Donaldson, Dominique Florin, Olive Gatenby Trustee, Martin Narraway  Peter Wesley Chairman, Li Weinreich Secretary


Apologies : Peter Jacobs, Joseph Holderness Trustee, Darren Lennard Vice Chairman


Minutes Minutes of Mar 12th meeting approved



EMF payments.

Committee discussed reminder letters to be sent to cheque payers of June EMFs as MET will issue PCNs to residents not entitled to park if EMF is not received by June 1st.????


3. Camden Funding Dispute

•PW  Camden next meeting set for Apr 24th am. PW,DL & JH to attend with chartered surveyor (Selwyn Langley). Reply to HLE letter requested.


4.LW   Parking  


5.Estate Operations

1)LW  Camden renovation – Holly Lodge Mansions current works completed. Should receive payment (£1175) for skips parking and use of parking bays by Apr 11th. Verge damage still to be repaired. 

2)Richard Laney interviewed by PW, now on 3 month contract.

3)March quarterly staff meeting still to occur. DL has been away. GD to contact DL  and sort out meeting. Query about unforeseen expense of lawn mowers to be discussed.


4)PW - Condition of Roads.

a.Short term tarmac patching being done by ML.

b.Roads survey was done about 4 years ago and a new report now required to determine what repairs need to be done. Staff and committee to undertake nee report. PW has large scale map of estate. Cold tarmac repairs do not last and each hole should be classified and repair required prioritized.

c.GD to help with roads survey report itemizing location and condition of holes.

d.MN to enquire on guidelines for survey parameters. Copies of large map to be done by MN for survey. 

5)Langboune Av Resident complained about HLE staff mowing a crocus on grass. Staff will write an incident report and resident’s concerns will be addressed.

6)  Estate gates  - Repairs & Painting

a.LW  Ml has spoken to RG and still awaiting for response from Metal craft who did repairs last year. PW  Gates are getting to be in a bad condition and require washing and painting every 4 years. Committee to ask ML to focus on gate repairs and perhaps ask for one of the staff to be in charge of getting gates painted. RS to liaise with Metalcraft on upkeep of hinges and greasing etc.

b.Contract with metalcraft to be investigated.


7) New lawn mowers now required. Committee discussed why this unforeseen expense of 2 x £850 was not brought up earlier by staff and should have been identified during the winter. To be discussed at HLE staff quarterly meeting. ML waiting for repair co to see condition of mowers this week.  GD to discuss with ML and authorize expense as required.

8)  Stuck drain covers on estate to be repaired or replaced next week.


6.  Summer party

1.PW  4 volunteers helping with plans for Jun 9th party. Resident’s jazz rock & Roll blues band has agreed to play at party. More residents to be asked if they can play at party. Small PA & stage will be required, currently lowest quote is £310.

2.Marquees will be required – hoping to be able to borrow some.

3.ML  volunteering to do children’s games.



MN Planning permission now given.

Position of DSLAM box by 58 Hillway will be reviewed and moved as much as possible from their entrance to accommodate resident.

Final details and costing for recesses to be sorted out.



10.Robin Grove  

1.PW  Finished except for coping on top of wall as residents wish to pay for their own choice of coping stones. Same bricklayer will be used to finish project.

2.OG  queried pathway which was recently done now has lumps of mould. PW to review.



1.PW & DF met resident who had problems with consultation on replacement tree at west corner of Hillway and Oakeshott. Committee discussed whether in depth consultation can be done on every change of tree. Resident to bring up topic  at AGM.

2.Wassells ready to trim the Robin Grove Laurels (£850+VAT). RG 3,5,7 & 9 residents to be informed. DF will inform Wassells to start.

3.DF  Chestnut on SW corner of Langbourne needs to come out this summer. Problem with disease in Horse Chestnut and Wassells trying to replace with Sweet Chestnut.  GD Problems with Sweet Chestnut seems to be occurring now. 

4.Wassells have now said that Ash trees on estate are OK and currently there are no reports of disease in London.



1)Garage door replacements:  LW All garage doors now have double locks.

2)Roof repairs to be done in next 2 weeks. 

3)Compost  Heap  PW Camden compliance requirements too autocratic with regular inspections. Compost heap plans may have to be shelved.

4)Grab lorry alternative   ML suggests using grab lorries (£437.50) which can take 3 loads of current skip which costs £360 per load. Committee queried storage area for green waste and grab lorry access to green waste. Details to be clarified.

5)Gate Remote Controllers  Second controller now installed and working in tandem with old controller. ML to review electricity usage and costs.

6)Planning application – no.1 Makepeace Ave   MN No progress

7)Skips – OG   Skip larger than permitted 8 cu yd arrived for a flat. ML asked to investigate. When it left caused some damage to adjacent tree. Space for skip has since been coned off and unused. ML  to stop large skips from being brought on to estate by calling Skip company and instructing them to remove or replace with permissible skip imediately.

8)  Grass damage- OG  ML to repair damage on grass at corner of 28 Langbourne & Hillway.

9) Committee discussed damage caused by large vehicles and introducing weight limit for vehicles on the estate.

10) Review do be done on HLE Skip charges. 8yd skip limit + Damage being caused on HLE roads and scale of Skip charges to be discussed at AGM.

11)  OG  Grass verges getting damaged by lorries turning round corners especially in avenues. Protection pf corners to be discussed at staff quarterly meeting. Staff to ne asked to give report on damage observed.


Apr 9th 2013  : Meeting ended 21:55