We, the Holly Lodge Estate Committee (HLEC) represent the Plot Owners, in other words the freeholders of the houses. This Committee manages the common parts of the Estate which include maintenance of the communal parks, grass verges, flower beds, road surfaces, paths, steps, gates and parking permits.

Holly Lodge Estate Committee Office
Holly Lodge Estate Yard
Opposite 8 Holly Lodge Gardens
N6 6AA

Estate Manager Barbara Wheatley Office: 0203 538 4454 Mobile: 07731 301119
Estate Foreman Gerry Hartigan Office: 0203 538 4454 Mobile: 07447 869570





London Borough of Camden is responsible for the mansion blocks and the land in which they stand being the communal gardens directly in front of and behind the flats.

LBC Estate Supervisor Debbie Marno Tel: 020 7974 8056 

Neighbourhood Housing Officer for flats on Langbourne and Makepeace Avenues 

Nandita Chatterjee
Neighbourhood Housing Officer for flats on Oakeshott Avenue - Holly Lodge Mansions Lavinia Mayers
The Holly Lodge Residents Association (HLRA) represents all the residents of the Holly Lodge Estate mansion blocks, whether council tenants, leaseholders or private tenants.