HLE Mobile CCTV Options



To deter visitors using the top of Hillway as a ‘recreation’ area the proposal is to enforce the HLE Parking rules, these visitors will not be authorised by residents and  thus are trespassing.

To simplify the issuing of tickets the ability to be authorised to park by just having a suitably worded note in the window will be removed by painting yellow lines with notices prohibiting parking between 20.00 & 06.00 say.  To negate the need for a night Parking Attendant CCTV shall be employed to monitor the area.

CCTV Options

Various Options researched;

Mobile CCTV

As used on construction sites and major events a mobile CCTV unit (imagine a mobile air compressor with a 7.5m mast) can be fitted with ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition), to transmit recordings to a central store, etc.  Non-public areas can be screened out.  Power options included generator, plug-in & solar.  Costs varied from £6K for 8 weeks hire to £15K for 26 weeks plug-in £16K solar.  Purchase price £12K plug-in.

Issues with Mobile are mainly aesthetics, see below (could argue is a deterrent) and difficulty with moving, probably needing specialist help.

Lamppost mounted

In speaking with Camden, who own the lampposts, it was suggested to use small battery-operated cameras that either transmits images or stores them on a SD card.  Advantage is less obtrusive, easier to move and lower costs. It also negates the need for an external power supply.  However, the operational requirement will be greater (reviewing the data, charging batteries), and quality of image.


Current Status

The ultimate solution will be based primarily on mobility and be temporary in nature.  The objective is to deter unauthorised visitors from parking on the estate.    Assuming a successful intervention, the camera(s) can then be withdrawn or relocated to another position should the need arise.

A final recommendation was made to the HLE Committee and presented at the AGM, with costs and timings, and should be operational within weeks of a decision. The full recommendation can be found HERE.

Site Mobile CCTV


Column or lamppost mounted