Skip Licences

A skips policy has been in place for The Holly Lodge Estate since June 1st 2012. The agreed policy (Holly Lodge Estate AGM, 26 April 2012) introduced a modest charge for skips located the on roads of the estate. Please click the link below to download an application form:



To encourage plot-owners and their contractors to minimise the parking of skips on the Estate’s roads and crossovers, and so minimise disruption to residents, damage to roads, kerbs and verges, and the loss of parking spaces.


  • Any skip parked on the Estate roads or crossovers.
  • A standard skip is defined as having a maximum capacity of 8 cubic yards (6 cubic metres) and/or length of 12 feet (3.7 metres). 
  • A skip that is larger than this will need specific permissions from the Committee (as there may be issues for verge, kerb and tarmac) and shall attract a higher charge.   

Charges (for a standard skip)

1 week: £35
2 weeks : £70
3 weeks : £105
4 weeks : £140

If the full EMF has not been paid then the Camden rate for suspending a parking bay will also be charged. 

To be paid in advance of skip delivery.  Unauthorised skips will be charged at £35 per day.

Single skips shall be lighted by at least four lights one at each corner during the hours of darkness and clearly visible to all traffic.

Any damage caused to kerbs, verges, roads, crossovers, etc, is to be repaired by the Plot Holder and fully reinstated to the Estate’s satisfaction, or a charge will be made for the Estate to reinstate.

Additional Charges

Please note that works that are of a particular intensity shall attract additional charges, for example

  • high frequency of skip movements (more than twice a week)
  • works of extended duration (after a period of 6 months). 
  • needing to reserve kerb space in addition to a skip

When additional charges are applied these shall be based upon Camden’s rates for reserving parking bays.


The Skips Policy will be administered by the Estate Manager and her team, and payment will be by cash or cheque, payable to the ‘Holly Lodge Estate Committee’, or by BACs transfer – contact the Estate Manager for bank details.  The payment is to be from the licensee directly,  building teams and skip-lorry-drivers will not be asked for payment.

Please contact the manager for further information.