Commemorative Bench Policy

The Holly Lodge Estate is a living, thriving community, and whilst on occasions it may be appropriate to have a commemorative bench, where ever possible the benches are provided to ease tired limbs, facilitate conversations with neighbours and friends and for people to be able to peacefully enjoy the HLE estate and gardens. 

Our commemorative bench policy is as stated below.

  • Criteria of Eligibility:
    • Strong connection to HLE, but not necessarily living there at their time of death (as end of life might be in a care home).
    • Specific length of time of residency: 10yrs minimum
  • Cost:
    • Charge: £2598 for bench, plaque, fixing, and maintenance. (In line with the City of London Commemorative bench policy)
  • Duration:
    • 10 yrs
    • Renewed for a further 10yrs
    • Cost for renewal: £1250
  • HLE waiting list:
    • A waiting list is kept active.
    •  A map of the benches, with their time limit specified, is kept in the HLE office.
    • If a site becomes free, it will be allocated from the waiting list.
  • Commemorations:

The Manager, in consultation with the HLEC, must be in agreement with the wording of the commemoration.