Rules for the WhatsApp Groups

At the outset everyone must consent to being part of the WhatsApp Group as their telephone number and full name will be visible to all within the group, and personal telephone numbers cannot be communicated without consent. Anyone who is currently in the group and objects to the new rules, is free to leave the group.
The purpose of the WhatsApp Group is to provide an informal communications channel amongst HLE
residents. It is designed for sharing information with neighbours, not as a complaints forum. Please do
continue to share your comments, concerns, or complaints with us via email at manager@developer123

  1. This is a neighbourhood information group. It has been set up by the Estate Manager, who will act
    as administrator. The EM is not a “moderator”.
  2. This group is intended as a convenient way to distribute information to neighbours quickly and
  3. Such a group is set up in a spirit of informal communication amongst a group of persons sharing
    the same common interest. In keeping with that spirit, it is not the intention that there ought to be
    an overly legalistic attitude towards its operation. However, the following ought to be adhered to:
    a. The group is not to be used to discuss non-neighbourhood related issues.
    b. The group should not be used to express personal comments about estate management,
    committee issues and such like or post private messages. This is to ensure we keep Group
    traffic focused to informative updates. Any specific topics individuals wish to raise can be
    sent to the HLE Committee at
    c. Any opinions expressed are the opinions of individual members. Group administrator is not
    responsible for any comments posted by individual members of the group.
    d. It is not necessary to respond to every post unless it is requested e.g., RSVP. When a
    busy user gets too many notifications, there is the chance that they will turn off the
    notifications, which undermines the efficiency of the facility
    e. If your message is not relevant to the majority of group members, please message the
    person directly rather than the entire group.
    f. No fake news, check your sources before you share.
    g. Inappropriate posts include using inappropriate language, insulting messages, voicing
    grievances, fearmongering, arguing and heated exchanges with the neighbourhood or with
    individual members of the group.
    h. No comments should be made regarding colleagues or neighbours
    i. Do not post before 8 am or after 10pm in the day unless it is an emergency.
  4. By participating in this WhatsApp Group, you agree to these group rules. Participation is not
    obligatory and if you join, you have the option of leaving. We would hope that all participants can
    see the usefulness of the group and will cooperative accordingly.
  5. Respect everyone’s privacy: being part of this group requires mutual trust
    In the event that there is a breach of any of the rules, the group administrator reserves the right to remove
    the transgressor from the group.