Estate Parks & Gardens

Holly Lodge Gardens

The Estate has its own lovely green spaces. The use of these gardens is reserved for residents only.

Ball Games

Ball games are not allowed, except that children aged 12 or under may play ball games in the area adjoining Highgate West Hill, which is designated for that purpose, and small children using soft balls may play in any part of the gardens.


Bicycles are not allowed, except that small children may ride bicycles, tricycles and scooters provided they keep to the paths.


No one may make an excessive noise or cause any nuisance or disturbance to others using the gardens, or to neighbouring residents.


No one may climb trees or pick flowers, or do any damage to trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, seats, fences, or anything else in the gardens


No one may allow a dog to cause nuisance or damage.


Camden is a controlled drinking zone.


No shooting is allowed, and no gun or other weapon may be carried.

Communal Gardens

The communal gardens surrounding the mansion blocks are the sole use of residents and their guests. Footpaths between the roads may be used by visitors crossing the estate.

As mentioned above, Camden is a controlled drinking zone.