Parking Permits & Disabled Bays

Parking Permits

Permit Application Forms

Please click on the following link to download the parking permit application form: 

New Parking Badge Application

Please email or return the form to the Estate Manager with copies or scans of any relevant documents.

Visitors to the Estate

  • Visitors’ Notes now require the date or dates of the visit.
  • The Visitors’ Note must also show the full address being visited, number and road, plus an emergency contact phone number.
  • Visitors’ Notes may be used for a maximum of 2 weeks for any one stay. Please add the single date or period for which the vehicle will be parked, e.g. Visiting 101 Hillway. Mon-Wed. 12-14 August. 07700 900022.
  • Visitors wishing to stay for longer than 2 weeks should apply to the Estate office for a temporary badge.
  • HLE does not recognise the National or Camden Blue Disabled Badges; only the HLE Blue Badge which is for use in an Estate disabled bay.
  • To see the full parking rules please go to Parking Rules
  • You may find it useful to use this template Visitor Parking
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Awaiting a permit?

If you have already made a permit application and are awaiting delivery of that permit we do not recommend that you use a Visitor’s Note, which will link your phone number to your address. Please use this template Awaiting Permit

Have you received a PCN?

If you or your visitor should receive a Parking Charge Notice that you feel is unwarranted please contact the Estate Manager,, giving the reasons you are asking for a cancellation. Requests for cancellation will be looked at on a case by case basis and we make no guarantee that all PCNs will be cancelled.

We charge £30 per cancellation to process these requests.

Disabled Bays

Disabled Residents

In 2019 the HLEC reviewed the disabled parking bay policy on the Estate and decided to bring it in line with the Borough of Camden policy & process. If a resident meets the criteria then we will install a disabled bay close to their home. See the policy HERE.

To apply for a disabled bay please download the application form HERE.

Disabled Visitors

The National Blue and Green Disabled Badges are not recognised on the Estate. Disabled residents who have been awarded a bay will be issued with an HLE Blue Badge. Visiting disabled divers must display a Visitor’s Note like any other visitor.