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As we were unable to hold our half yearly meeting this year, minutes of the 2019 Half Yearly General Meeting and next year’s proposed budget with a commentary were posted online and made available on November 13th, with voting opening at the same time.  

For your reference, these materials are still available HERE on the website under the heading NOV 2020 HALF YEARLY GENERAL MEETING.

Paper ballots were delivered to those plots for which we did not have email addresses, and an electronic link was sent to all those for which we do hold an email address.

The vote was closed at midnight on November 20th and the Committee endeavoured to answer all questions raised by email in a timely manner.

This process replaced the usual presentation of the accounts at the Half Yearly General Meeting with immediate questions and then a vote of those plot owners present.

The budget was approved by 62 votes to 7 and the minutes by 65 votes to 5

The Estate Maintenance Fund (EMF) charge for 2020/21 will remain at £630.00.

We now have an automated cloud-based accounting system and are issuing invoices to each Plot Owner, for whom we hold an email address, for their EMF payment. 

If we do not have an email address for you and you would like to receive your invoice electronically, or if you do not receive it for some reason please let Barbara, the Estate Manager, know on manager@hle.org.uk.



The HLEC Privacy Policy can be found HERE and the Privacy Statement HERE




IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION - Please note or risk being ticketed - we will start to enforce from 1st October 2019

  • Visitors’ Notes now require the date or dates of the visit.
  • The Visitors’ Note must also show the full address being visited, number and road, plus an emergency contact phone number.
  • Visitors’ Notes may be used for a maximum of 2 weeks for any one stay. Please add the period for which the vehicle will be parked, e.g. Visiting 101 Hillway. Mon-Wed. 12-14 August. 07700 900022.
  • Visitors wishing to stay for longer than 2 weeks should apply to the Estate office for a temporary badge.
  • HLE does not recognise the National or Camden Blue Disabled Badges; only the HLE Blue Badge which is for use in an Estate disabled bay.
  • To see the full parking rules please go to http://hle.org.uk/?q=node/5


2018 ELECTRIC VEHICLE SURVEY RESULTS There was a 21% response rate to the survey. 

Electric Vehicles (EV)

The key findings were: 67% of respondents believe the HLEC should invest in EV charging points.

60% of respondents believe it is very important to have a charging point close to your home and 50% of respondents believe it’s very important to have an EV charging point on the estate rather than Highgate West Hill or Swains Lane (an additional 18% believe this is of some importance).  If there was an EV charging point on the estate, the percentage of people who already own, or expect to buy an EV in the next 5 years, increases from 43% to 54% (compared to the current arrangement).  47% of respondents said access to an EV charging point on the estate would make them more likely to buy an EV. 

Full results of the survey are available here.

The next step will be for the HLEC to seek planning permission for EV chargers.

Car Club

55% of respondents would like to see a car club on the estate. As a consequence, the committee contacted the two leading car clubs operating in London, Zipcar and DriveNow. 

Unfortunately, Zipcar required payments in excess of £20,000 plus VAT to keep a car on the Estate, which was felt excessive by the Committee.

DriveNow doesn’t keep cars in allocated spaces. Instead they operate a zone within which the 300 DriveNow BMW cars can be parked anywhere (including pay & display and residents bays).  However, the zone only covers Islington, Hackney, Haringey, Waltham Forest and a parking area at Stratford International, and they are not able to extend it to include HLE.  But DriveNow have offered all residents of the HLE a lifetime DriveNow membership (usually £29) and £10.00 driving credit for free.