Estate Committee

The Holly Lodge Estate Committee (HLEC) is responsible for management, maintenance and preservation of the common parts of the Estate. This includes the footpaths, steps, grass verges, gates, and flower beds and the communal parks by Holly Lodge Gardens.  Additionally, the HLEC manage the parking.  The lampposts are managed by Camden.

The HLEC comprises a maximum of 9 plot-owners elected for 3 year terms at the Annual General Meeting held the around end of April. 

Meetings are held monthly, normally on the 2nd Tuesday.,

Periodically the Estate Committee circulates newsletters to residents, advising them of relevant issues, from developments in parking to the annual arrangements for Halloween.

The Estate Committee welcomes all feedback and suggestions. Click the following link to leave any comments or suggestions:

HLEC PositionHLE Sub Committee(s)ExternalEmail
Martin NarrawayChair & TrusteeCommunications, EVs, Governance, Parking, Roads & Paths & SecuritySafer Neighbourhoods Police Liaison, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Liaison
Pippa RothenbergVice Chair & TrusteeGovernance, Garden, Parking, Website , CommunicationsHighgate Community Plan Liaison, CAAC (Conservation)
Ian WhittakerTreasurer & TrusteeSecurity 
Mark Dixon
Widemar Spruijt Annual Party, EVs, Gardens, Roads & Paths, CAAC CAAC (Conservation)
Li Weinreich Parking, Website & Summer Party
Rosie Durant Trees, Gardens & Summer Party
Peter Jacobs Trees, Security, EVs & Governance Highgate Neighbourhood, CAAC (Conservation)
Nick Hughes Gardens, Governance & Security