Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging

General Project

With the approval of the Plot-owners the HLE has contracted with Genie Point Services to manage the EV charging station on Makepeace Avenue (west, by Hillway).  Use of this facility is restricted to HLE residents and their visitors and all cars charging must have & display a valid resident or visitor parking permit.  It should be noted that the cost of any electricity taken will be charged to the Resident’s GeniePoint account.

Initially there are 3 charge points, all capable of delivering up to 22 kW/hr.  For those charge points where there are 2 outlets the charging rate reduces to 11 kW when both are in use.  If demand warrants, further charge points will be added, still in Makepeace Avenue as there is a significant cost associated with connecting to the electricity grid.

Using the Chargers

To use the EV chargers;

  1. Residents must register with GeniePoint, www.geniepoint.co.uk or via various App stores
    One can opt to either receive a GeniePoint RFID card (charged at £9) or use a card of their own that is Mayfair RFID frequency compliant, many bank cards, library cards, gym cards, etc – any card that results in a ping when presented to the charger. 
    Joining GeniePoint gives one access to all their public charge points, however at this stage you will neither see on their map nor be able to use the HLE charge points. Complete the form found HERE and forward to the Estate Manager                                     
  2. The Estate Manager will confirm that you are a HLE resident and then contact Genie Point instructing they grant you access to the HLE Chargers.  Once this is done the Estate Manager will notify you.  Allow one week for this.  You’ll also be able to see the HLE Chargers on the GeniePoint map

Members should notify the Estate Manager when they are no longer resident on the Estate so their access to the chargers can be cancelled.  The Estate Manager will check this from time to time.


The following costs (as at 1-Nov-21) will apply to the charging of vehicles.

  1. £1 – Connection Charge
  2. Electricity supplied – 34p/kWh
  3. Overstay – £50 after 12 hours
  1. This represents the charge made by GeniePoint on the HLEC to process the payments, etc.
  2. The mark-up on the current electricity price is to pay for the maintenance, meter standing charges, the equipment investment, etc.  It should be noted that the charge is per kWh and not the time the vehicle is connected as is the case with Source London and some other suppliers.  Because the rate of charging slows as the battery approaches 100%, or if the car is left connected after the battery is fully charged, the cost per kWh can increase significantly in a time connected charging model.
  3. There are a limited number of charge points and ideally cars should be moved once fully charged, the GeniePoint software will notify users when this is so.  If this were to happen overnight then it would be unreasonable to penalise the resident and thus the time frame of 12 hours.  If it is found too many vehicles are left connected but not charging during the day the duration before overstay charges apply may be changed.

Note, all costs may be varied by the HLE Committee, when this happens an email will be sent to those registered to use the charge points advising them of the changes.