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Service Contact Recommendation from Residents

Gibbs & Haynes tree Surgeons
Bob Gibbs
0208 341 4539 or 07946 630 045

Tree surgeon I recently used Bob and his guys to take a look at our trees and he did a fantastic job. He is polite and courteous and really knew how to get the best out of a long forgotten about trees. He is very good value for money and before he left he made sure the garden was in the state is was in before.



Paul Sheridan Machinery Engineer
Unit 34, The Service Road
Potters Bar
Enfield EN6 1QA
01707 661010

Lawn mower repair

I was beginning to despair that I would never get our marvellous Atco Commodore lawnmower repaired because Atco had stopped making the clutch cables, when Paul Sheridan came to the rescue and made me one from scratch.  He also serviced the machine and delivered it back, all at a very reasonable price.  He is a mechanical engineer who specialises in all types of petrol engines, lawnmowers and garden machinery with over 30 yrs of experience.   He can also grind all types of blades and shears.   Apparently he maintains the lawnmowers at the North London Bowling Club in Fitzroy Park.  (11 HLG, 11Feb2012)



Call Daniel on 07958 774573

DEF Electrical Ltd

Electric and Gas

Daniel, who is local, did an excellent job fixing our electrics and installing a new light. Definitely recommended. He now does gas too.

March 2018




Call Marta on 07922 267338

Gardening Girl



Danny Torpey

Danny Torpey is a good electrician, reliable, helpful and good value for money. He is local. (3HW 13Apr12)

Danny Torpey did not return a quote for work at an HLE residents (6Feb 2013)



B & N Treecare Ltd

08001959889 or 07977489787

Tree Surgeons

Very reliable tree surgeons, used them several times always leave things very neat and tidy. Also reasonably priced. 33MA



Treescapes Jamie Ryan

020 8374 6879 or 07812 212145

Friendly & professional. Did a good job for us at a fair price. 15MA



W. Taylor

020 8368 0823 Whetstone N20

I recommend them as reliable and professional. 6HW



Little Cherry
Eco-Friendly Children's Parties

For the first time you can combine eco-friendly living with children's parties by choosing from a comprehensive selection of eco-friendly party goods including such items as biodegradable organic bamboo tableware, ethical party bags and natural beeswax candles, your next party could be the talk of the eco-friendly town! 8RG



Symeon Fraser home 0208 531 0145
mobile 07949 846748

I would recommend Symeon Fraser. He has done many jobs in this area and is very professional, does good quality work, reasonably priced and is very pleasant to have around. He has done a very good job on redecorating parts of our house. He also does floor sanding and has recently done the old floorboards which were hidden under our carpet in the hallway which has solved the problem of constant dirty carpets from prams and bikes! He has done a lovely job on this and you are welcome to knock on the door and see the work at 3 Langbourne Avenue if you wish to. 3LA.